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Last updated: June 12, 2020

If you followed this link, you care about privacy and/or intellectual property, and we’re glad because we always have as well, and will continue to do so.

Email Privacy Overview

If at any time you wish to unsubscribe from our emails, it is quick and easy to do that via the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each message you receive, or by contacting us at contact@g4live.com​.

G4 Live will never sell or give a third party your email address. Your email address will be kept in databases which we have evaluated for security. Only authorized employees and our official vendors will have access to your data.

Comment & User Generated Content Usage

If you use our forms to post comments, suggestions or to join the public conversation on this site, your email will not be publicly posted, but only used by our service and/or editorial staff if we have a question. Your submission itself may be moderated by our editorial staff prior to posting in the following ways: We will remove third-party URLs from comments if they are promotional in nature. We will delete or refuse to publish a comment if it appears to be on a completely unrelated topic, blatantly and wholly self-promotional, a duplicate posting, otherwise spammy in nature, meant to be intentionally inflammatory or contains inappropriate language or content.

Cell Phone Number for Text Communications

For those subscribers and customers who have opted in to receive text communications via a G4 Live event or other related marketing campaigns, it’s important to us that you know we keep those numbers private. We do not release or sell your information to any third-party vendors. As conveyed in our marketing materials and via every text, you always have the option to opt out. Simply reply to any text received from us with STOP in the response and you will be automatically un-enrolled from our text update services. Text updates are reserved for G4 Live related event updates, periodic promotions for registrations, and other offers only available to text subscribers. If you have any concerns or requests for removal that require speaking with a staff member please email our marketing department at ​contact@g4live.com​. Please note that we do not sync your mobile opt-in automatically with any other customer record you may have with us.

Transfer and Processing of Data

Personal information may be processed in multiple countries, including the United States and Canada, where the laws may be different than the laws in your country. By browsing a site and/or otherwise interacting with our offerings, you consent to such transfer and processing.

Reasons that We Will Collect Information

We process personal information only for legitimate business purposes, which may include some or all of the following:

• To identify and prevent fraud
• To enhance the security of our network and information systems
• To better understand how people interact with our websites
• To provide a better user experience for our users
• To improve our services and communications for the benefit of our customers

Whenever we process data for these purposes, be assured that we always keep your personal data rights front-of-mind. You have the right to object to this processing if you wish; contact us at ​contact@g4live.com​. Be aware that, depending on the circumstance, your objection may inhibit your ability to be nominated, awarded and to purchase tickets.

Types of Information that We Collect

Our users’ privacy is extraordinarily important to us, and so is transparency. Here are some details about how our site works.

Information You Provide to Us

G4 Live collects and stores information that is provided to us voluntarily by our users. All of these cases are obvious and transparent.

When a user registers or nominates on our site, we collect information such as email address, name and company name, dispensary name, social links, and phone number.

When a user makes a purchase, we collect all information necessary to conduct that purchase, including name, billing information, and delivery information. We may additionally ask
voluntary demographic questions.

When a user engages in one of our surveys, we will collect only the minimum personal information necessary to complete that survey. The information collected varies depending on

the survey but can include details such as name, title, place of employment, type of employment, and industry segment.

Information Automatically Collected

As a user navigates our sites, we may collect certain other information, some of it potentially personally identifiable, some of it anonymized.

To improve our overall user experience and protect G4 Live. G4 Live does follow
standard practices of logging certain activities for site analytics and improvement. We may collect such information as:

• The date and time of your visit
• Your IP address
• Your general location
• The site you visited before and after ours
• The page you visited before and after another page on our site
• Information about your computer including browser type, operating system, and time zone

• Your interactions with our site or email newsletters anonymized and aggregated

All automatically collected information is treated with respect in accordance with best practices, and no effort is made to link the above information to a particular user with the possible
the exception of investigating fraudulent or other potentially malicious activities.

Mechanisms to Automatically Collect Information

To help us improve the performance and user experience of our sites, we will employ a standard
mechanism called a “cookie” to store limited amounts of information in a site users’ browser. Cookies are employed when necessary to facilitate a transaction (examples include signing up for a newsletter, purchasing a product, or completing a survey), to improve user experience (keep a pop-up window from opening up repeatedly, track aggregate site user behavior), or when otherwise reasonably necessary to allow a third party tool to function.

G4 Live may also use web beacons (sometimes called “pixel tags”) to perform aggregation tasks such as collecting information on how many people open our email newsletters and how many clicks each link in those newsletters attracts.

We use third-party analytics services (Google Analytics, Hotjar etc.) to help analyze, at a high level, how users interact with our sites and other products. Anonymous information is gathered by the third-party using cookies and other technologies and may be transferred to them for the purpose of creating reports on user activity. When we do use a third party, we ensure that their

terms of use and privacy policies align with ours and that we set up the tools to protect user data. By using our sites, you consent to the processing of your data in the manner and for the purposes outlined above.

We also may use third-party advertising companies to serve advertisements that appear on some of our sites. We make no attempt to target a user based upon personal information.

Just as we are constantly striving to improve our offerings, we are constantly striving to improve our business practices. If at any time you believe there to be places where we can improve, please email us at ​contact@g4live.com​.

Fair Use & Copyright

You have the right to use any factual information – such as statistics – publicly available on this site or its related publications, PDFs, webinars, or similar. You may also quote up to three sentences of text from any of these sources directly, including our posts and commentary, as long as you give proper citation showing the source to be G4 Live.

However, you may not use whole paragraphs or content from our site or copy/reproduce any graphics – including but not limited to our own charts and our logo – without written permission from us. You may not produce derivative works based on our work or format. You can get this written permission by contacting ​contact@g4live.com​.

Any company or individual who publishes unauthorized copyrighted content from our site is subject to a fine payable immediately upon receipt of invoice.

Deep Linking

You may link to any publicly available piece of content on this site directly. We like SEO and encourage deep and frequent linking.

Updates to These Policies

These policies are subject to change without notice; however, it is our company policy to try to maintain your privacy at all times. By surfing this site and/or submitting any forms, story ideas, awards entries, profile upgrades, or emails, you are agreeing to our policies.

If you have any questions email us at ​contact@g4live.com.​

Important Note

This Privacy Policy applies to the sites on the domains G4Live.com, g4.live etc. This policy governs all data collected through your use of these sites. It does not apply to information conveyed to G4 Live. and associated through other means, such as mail and phone. By browsing our site or providing personal information to us via other means, you consent to the collection and use of your data in accordance with the terms of this policy. For questions regarding these policies, please reach out to our Customer Service team as described above.