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Budtenders Sessions is a monthly Twitch livestream series and weekly podcast where we invite Budtenders to an exclusive experience to learn more about the industry & products, network, and become more involved with the community!

December 14, 2021 – Holiday Production
ft. Zookie & Alicia Goku

November 30, 2021 – The AquaDolls

October 26, 2021 – Alicia Goku

Sept. 28, 2021 – WowAshWow

August 31, 2021 – Kaleo Wasserman

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There are over 40,000 cannabis prisoners in the US alone despite marijuana law reforms and there are still more arrests for cannabis possession a year than for all violent crimes combined. Communities of color are subject to disproportionate marijuana enforcement practices. Many affected individuals lack the knowledge or financial resources to seek relief through clemency and/or expungement.

LPP Change is coming

Those of us who have the privilege to use cannabis freely have an opportunity to make sure that every single cannabis prisoner is released & supported through the process of rebuilding their lives by providing support for clemency and re-entry programs. Last Prisoner Project has created a program exclusively for Budtenders with the goal; to bring about the day when the last cannabis prisoner on the planet is released and welcomed home.

Budtender Sessions X Last Prisoner Project
2021 Holiday Letter Drive

Cannabis Talk 101 is the World’s #1 source for everything cannabis. With Christopher Wright “Blue”, Joe Grande, Marc and Craig Wasserman: The Pot Brothers at Law. Together they have embarked on a mission to spread the truth about cannabis while guiding and connecting industry professionals along the way. The content and entertainment these four men bring to Cannabis Talk 101 makes for an extremely personable, entertaining and educational show for everyone to enjoy.

Cannabis Talk 101
Pot Brothers at Law

Fighting for the
Cannabis Community

Craig & Marc Wasserman, a.k.a the Pot Brothers at Law,

have represented countless cases in the State of California and have in recent years seen an increase in the demand for knowledgeable attorneys in regards to cannabis. The Wasserman Brothers offer consulting and representation services in California as well as tips and advice to anyone in need. If you’re in the state of California and find yourself in need of an attorney who specializes in cannabis law, the obvious choice should be the Pot Brothers at Law. Craig and Marc Wasserman have nearly 50 years of law practice between them and not only have education in cannabis law, but a passion for it as well.

High Budtenders

A Podcast for Budtenders, by Budtenders Jerrell Ellis and Rocky Hernandez aka “CannabizRocky” have been working as budtenders in the cannabis industry for over 4 years.

Rocky Hernandez
Keith Allen

Episode 27: Budtender Awards

11/8/2020 | 49 min Listen Here
Chopping it up with Budtender Awards CEO Keith Allen

Check out Episode 27 featuring
Budtender Awards CEO Keith Allen

genius pipes

Genius is a multifunctional device designed for flower and oil consumption, used by modern consumers around the world for enhanced taste and unique user experience.

$25 off with code: BUDTENDER

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Based in Canada, the Budtender’s Association exists to bridge the gap in information, opportunity, and connection across the cannabis industry through unique experiences and partnerships. A space for Budtenders, by Budtenders; that supports and empowers its members, encourages collaboration, and provides unique opportunities that will help shape the cannabis industry.

Rooted in culture, community, and connection, Budtender’s Association is where Cannabis, People, and Business intersect…offering services to retailers who want to enlist and train the best staff, technologies to effectively engage consumers, and support to ensure smooth operations. All this is done in close collaboration with cannabis brands and LPs to bring education to Budtenders and further cannabis research through various R&D programs.

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