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"OG" Awards

The Original ("OG") 9 awards

The Budtender Awards team created 9 Award categories which are referred to as the “OG” Awards. Each category will have 5 finalists.

The number of votes tells the judges how much the community believes you should win. BUT the finalists are not based on the number of votes but on a wide variety of criteria, including questionnaire responses, customer & co-worker testimonials, news, etc. The Award Winners are selected by industry experts & members of the Budtender Awards team.

BTA Trophies


Medallion Award

Sponsored by Select

The Medallion Award presented by Select honors and celebrates those making their community a better place. Select is excited to award $5,000 to the Budtender who stands out among the rest. In addition to their dedication in the dispensary, this Budtender can be considered a hero who goes the extra mile by giving back to their community. From environmental to social issues, this Budtender puts others first by helping create solutions to local problems. They dedicate their time to serving their community & others. This award is for the passionate Budtender who is making significant strides in how the global community perceives the cannabis industry.

Ambassador Award

Sponsored by Philter Labs

The Ambassador Award, Sponsored by Philter Labs, goes to the Budtender who represents the middle ground for the fast-moving and sometimes controversial cannabis industry. They have demonstrated the ability to educate and properly serve the most diverse markets. From skeptics to the connoisseur, this individual is an Ambassador for the industry. They accurately represent the frontline of the Budtender community and the future of the cannabis industry.

Dazed & Infused Award

Sponsored by Wana

Edibles can seem overwhelming to some with such a variety of dosages, types, and flavors, but when the right Budtender matches you with the perfect remedy, they can show you a whole new world of cannabis. This award is for a Budtender who is the Anthony Bourdain of edibles, reviewing a variety of products while having a chef’s insider knowledge and experience.

CBD Award

Sponsored by STNR

This Budtender is a bonafide CBD expert who knows the attributes, history, and evolution of the many variations of CBD. More importantly, they have the expertise to help guide anyone to the perfect remedy for their specific needs. They set the bar high for others to follow when it comes to promoting a better future and lifestyle through natural healing.

In The Arts Award

Sponsored by WeedTube

The “In The Arts” Award Sponsored by WeedTube was created for a Budtender who has exceptional artistic & creative skills. These nominees are Budtenders that spend their free time focusing on their craft, may that be; artwork, songwriting, filmmaking, fashion, make-up or any other form of self-expression. Their passion for innovating & creating is inspired by cannabis.

Dr. Cannabis Award

Sponsored by Advanced Nutrients

This Budtender has extensive knowledge about the medical benefits of the cannabis plant. They follow the advances in cannabis research actively. Their vast scientific knowledge provides consumers the ability to make an educated decision when considering alternative medicine choices.

Spotlight Award

From the eccentric and colorful, to the extroverted and bold, this Budtender creates an unforgettable experience the moment you walk into the dispensary. They are a positive representation of the frontline of the industry. So whether it’s your first time or you’re a connoisseur, this Budtender makes each experience a memorable and unique one.

Mastermind Award

This Budtender is a know-it-all, in the most likable and essential way possible. They are next-level experts in all aspects of the cannabis industry. They’ve studied cultivation, strains, terpenes, cannabinoids, dosing and the wide variety of products. They pride themselves on being up to date with the latest trends and innovations. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge to create a more conscious community.

710 Master Award

A Budtender who would be a 710 Master can tell you the difference in concentrates, sauce, live resin vs. rosin, wax, dabs, and all products related to concentrates and vapes. They experiment with new technologies in the oil space like new consumption methods and products.