"Your Choice" Awards

What are the "Your Choice" Awards?

The “Your Choice” Awards are awards that the community creates! Nominate any Budtender for the award YOU think they deserve! If you don’t see one that fits you, create one that does! Get creative and make your own awards titles! VOTING IS OPEN ALL YEAR!

If you created an award that wasn’t previously listed on the awards page, it may take up to 72hrs to appear on the site/your account. In the meantime, keep nominating as all those votes will still be counted!

princess award 2019- skinnyweed adrianna burden
2020 Expo G4 Live

We awarded a few of these awards during the 2019 Expo and will award some* new ones at the 2020 Expo. At the end of 2019, we awarded the Heart of Gold Award sponsored by Guild Extracts on our Instagram.

We will continue to award them throughout the year and some at the G4 Live Expo. Until the G4 Live Expo, we will be announcing winners on our socials as well as at smaller events.

These prizes vary based on award. 

Every nomination counts as a vote!

The number of votes is not revealed to nominees, only to the judges. The number of votes tells the judges how much the community believes you should win. BUT the final picks were not strictly based on the number of votes but based on a wide variety of criteria including questionnaires we send out, customer/co-worker/manager testimonials, news etc. The Award Winners are selected by sponsors, industry experts & members of the Budtender Awards team.

*Not all active “Your Choice” awards will be awarded at the 2020 Expo. Some will be awarded on social media and others will roll over into 2021.*

"Your Choice" Award Winners

Presented at 2019 Expo

The Bloom Award Sponsored by Bloom

WINNER: Rocky Hernandez of Planet 13

The Princess of Cannabis Award Sponsored By SkinnyWeed

WINNER: Adrianna Burden of Small Town Buds

Where Do You Rove Award Sponsored by Rove

WINNER was battled out via a 2×2 Jenga Battle.

Announced on Social

Heart of Gold Award Sponsored by Guild Extracts

WINNER: Jazzy Lieb of Strains Perris